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You can now enjoy the health and relaxation benefits of the Dead Sea right in your backyard. Install the Blu Fusion Bromine Salt Generator in your hot tub and use Tru Blu Bromine Salt for a soft, silky, and crystal clear water. Blu Fusion technology is easy to use and maintain, ensuring a clean spa. [...]


PROCLEAR PLUS WATER ENHANCER is a NATURAL product to be used with your current water management system. PROCLEAR PLUS will simplify your water care by keeping your water balanced longer and is compatible with bromine and chlorine. Works great with silver ion minerals! PROCLEAR PLUS will enhance your equipment efficiency by targeting scale formation in [...]

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A heavy hot tub cover is not only difficult to open and hard on your back, but it can cause your spa to lose heat. We provide custom spa covers for your spa with 20 colors to choose from. Our high quality covers use a two pound density foam, 2” galvanized steel beam, heat sealed [...]

Filters for Jacuzzi and Sundance

Filters designed and certified for Jacuzzi and Sundance Spas capture both unwanted debris and small particles before they reach the purification system. Simply keep the filters rinsed off and replace them regularly. Always use filters designed for your spa model to get the best results. Call us to find the correct filter for your hot [...]

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Proper pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness levels are key to prevent etching & staining on spa surfaces, heater failure, cloudy water, clogged filters & heating elements, reduced circulation, and skin & eye irritation.

A clean filter will keep your water circulating at peak efficiency resulting in clean & clear water. As the filter catches particles it begins to clog, causing flow errors and heating issues. We recommend cleaning your filter every 2-4 months and replacing every 1-2 years.

We advise changing your water every season. Chemicals, oils from lotions and soaps build up in the water resulting in cloudy water. When in doubt, drain it out.