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Colorado Pool + Spa Scapes takes pride in providing superior customer service in all we do, whether we’re designing and constructing a custom pool and spa, remodeling an existing pool and spa, purchasing a new hot tub, or providing weekly maintenance and repair services. We value our customers and appreciate hearing from you. Please take a few minutes to read through our customer reviews to see what some of our clients have had to say about their experience with Colorado Pool + Spa Scapes.

Kathy F. Avatar
Kathy F.
Our family of ten is in the hot tub every day and sometimes twice a day. It is a wonderful place to recuperate after a day of skiing or snowshoeing. Thanks for making this a reality
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Mark Logan Avatar
Mark Logan
I recently received top-notch service by Colorado Pool + Spa Scapes on my hot tub. Troy the technician came out and fixed a minor heating issue. And he did so with expertise, speed and a great attitude. The hot tub has definitely enriched our family’s life. Thanks, CPSS.
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Mike G. Avatar
Mike G.
This is my third cover in 10 years. The original and first replacement were vinyl and lasted about 5 years each. This one is made with the optional SunStrong fabric. So far it is the best cover we have used. I was a bit concerned that it appeared to be so light weight and might not insulate as well as the other, thicker covers, but that has not proven to be an issue. It is working and looking fine.

Thank you for recommending this original manufacturer replacement cover made with SunStrong. It fits perfectly, looks great and works like a charm.
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David C. Avatar
David C.
We really like the 2013 Sundance Victoria. It is by far the most comfortable hot tub we have ever been in. We are really happy with the purchase.
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John W. Avatar
John W.
A lot of help with good pool service.
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Hugh E Avatar
Hugh E
I just took a look at the pool room and I wanted to say that your team has done an excellent job so far. They have totally exceeded my expectations
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jack cripples Avatar
jack cripples
Great company. Had a new hot tub installed with a crane- went great. Repairs on my pool have been good too.
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Greg Baldwin Avatar
Greg Baldwin
Great experience. Very good service and great products.
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Mark Odeen Avatar
Mark Odeen
I have been using them since I found them in 2017. They have a very knowledgeable and friendly staff who have been helping my with parts and supplies for my older Sundance spa. Things like filters they have had in stock, other less common items they were able to quickly get for me.

I was looking because I did not have the maximum level of comfort with other companies in the valley.
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Tracey L. Avatar
Tracey L.
Hey Jane I just want to say thanks so much for the warranty replacement of the circulator pump on the tub when we didn’t even ask! I can’t believe your guy was out in 5 degree weather to do the job on top of that! Kudos to him. Outstanding customer service
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captpati Avatar
I’ve used this well run company several times. They’ve always returned calls and provided fast, courteous service. I would definitely recommend!
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Ken A. Avatar
Ken A.
Your customer service was sensational. Thanks so much for creating such joy for the kids and grandkids this Christmas. We sure appreciate it..
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Mikaela Shiffrin Avatar
Mikaela Shiffrin
I love coming home to my sanctuary and one of the first things I always do is use my “therapy pool”/spa. It is absolutely one of my favorite things about my new home and I have used it so much, especially to unwind after hard days in the gym or long travel days. I’m incredibly thankful to everyone at Colorado Pool Scapes for helping me design the spa and bringing my dream to reality
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Tommy B Avatar
Tommy B
We recently bought a home in Beaver Creek without a hot tub. After meeting with the other spa companies in the area, I met with Jenni at Colorado Pool + Spa Scapes. Jenni was highly professional, knowledgeable and very attentive. In BC you need to get approval from the Design Review Board before installation; Jenni made that happen. Not only did I get the best service, I got the best price and quality. I would highly recommend Jenni and CP+SS for your spa and service
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Kelly A. Avatar
Kelly A.
My son and I have quite a tradition of spending time together there under the stars, having the best and deepest conversations. He’s now a senior in high school and working on his college application essays. He wrote one this weekend called, A Plan for World Peace: from conversations under the stars. Thanks for being on top of things so we could have this special time!
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Carol & Steve Avatar
Carol & Steve
We have loved our new Jacuzzi!. It is a wonderful gathering place after a cold and snowy day on the slopes. We had a situation where we needed just the right size and shape to fit on our deck and after checking with a lot of different companies we found what would work perfectly at Colorado Pool and Spa Scapes. Jennifer Lafleur has helped us along the way from our initial phone call, through installation right to the present day when we come into the showroom to purchase any chemicals we need. We would not hesitate to recommend Colorado Pool and Spa Scapes to anyone looking for a new hot tub.
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MS Avatar
We had a long hike with friends today, so, naturally, I got in the hot tub this afternoon. It was immediately obvious that, as promised, Troy had been back and replaced the broken jet. This one is important to me, as it gets the midline of my low back- one of my many problem areas. Wow, it felt great! So, this is just a shout out to you all. From the buying experience nearly two years ago to the ongoing friendly and helpful service and visits to the store here in Avon, you’ve all been terrific. It all far exceeds our experience with another vendor here in the valley with our first tub. And it’s nice to know that excellent and pleasant customer service is still alive and well. Thanks much.
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Greer Maier Avatar
Greer Maier
We have been customers for 10 years and the staff and managers have always been great to work with. I would highly recommend them.
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Jenny Anderson Schultz Avatar
Jenny Anderson Schultz
We have always had great service from these guys, would definitely recommend them!
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sherri kaufman Avatar
sherri kaufman
We have had the best experience everytime we have contacted Colorado pool spa scapes. Jenni has always been very helpful.
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Art A Avatar
Art A
Dear Jennifer, I just want to let you know how happy I am with our new Jacuzzi hot tub and the excellent way you handled the sale and my wishes. As you recall I came in to Colorado Pool + Spa Scapes in the beginning of December when my old hot tub started leaking and wanted a new tub immediately. You had a J-225 on the floor that would fit my opening and you could install it right away. You gave me a great price and did a difficult installation in 3 days. After using it for a few days I realized that I should have bought the next model up, a J-325, because it had more of the features I really wanted, but I was in too much of a rush to wait for that model to come in. Since I was going away in January, I wouldn’t have a tub to use for the whole month of December. I came in to talk to you about what we could do and you offered me a full refund on the J-225, let me use it until the new J-325 came in late January and gave me the same type of a great deal on the new one. The crew then came and installed the new one as soon as we got back and did another great job. What a great way to run a retail business! You went far beyond what you had to do since there was nothing wrong with the first tub, it was only me being in a rush, but you made a customer very happy. I love the new tub. I’m sure you didn’t make what you could have on the sale but if I have anything to say about you and Colorado Pool + Spa Scapes you will get many new customers from this. I tell everyone about how wonderful you and Colorado Pool + Spa Scapes are. Thanks again, it was a pleasure doing business with you.
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Floyd S. Avatar
Floyd S.
Around two and half years ago, I purchased my first spa, not knowing then how easy it would be to maintain. I remember when bringing it home and getting all this advice on the care and maintenance of the spa. I wondered if this was something I wanted to maintain. All the web search on proper care and chemicals to add to maintain the spa. I ended up with so many chemicals it look like a lab. After many times of trying to balance the water and draining and refilling several times, I finally sought help.

I found myself at Colorado Pool +Spa Scapes , when walking thru the door I was greeted by Jennifer, she was very friendly, ask how I was doing, and how she could help me. After explaining my problem and how frustrated I was, she understood what I was going through and turned me on to a wonderful product for my spa. The Nature 2 Spa Mineral Sanitizer, after an hour or so talking and getting to know her I felt very comfortable in relying on her advice and care for my spa. For the past few years I have used the Nature 2 Spa Mineral Sanitizer and have never had an easier time maintaining my spa. I recommend anyone whether needing a spa, pool, or water feature, or just needing help to maintain one to go see Jennifer at Colorado Pool +Spa Scapes.
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Alan M. Avatar
Alan M.
Thank you. This is the second Sundance Spa that I purchased from Colorado Pool + Spa Scapes. My experience was excellent. I am very happy with the end result and the excellent service the company provided.
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