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Mikaela’s New Custom Spa

We recently caught up with Mikaela to find out how she likes her new custom spa, and what she thought of the design/construction process and working with Colorado Pool & Spa Scapes. Here’s what she had to say…

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Over the years I have found water to be incredibly therapeutic and re-energizing with my training and competitions. During a really intense and busy block of training or races, often the only kind of off-snow sessions I am able to do is water-based because it allows me to work on recovery, explosively, mobility, and even some forms of strength without wasting the energy that I need to compete. So, it felt like a no-brainer to include a spa at my home if there was enough space because I knew that it would have a huge positive impact on my training and recovery both physically and mentally when I’m at home.

I had heard wonderful things from a few friends about working with CPSS for their pools or spas and when I went to check it out I felt like it would be a really great fit for what I wanted at my home. It was a really fun process customizing the spa to fit the space that I had and designing it to not only be functional but also beautiful. The tiles and everything around it blend really well with the house as well as the nature surrounding it, so I get a really Zen kind of feeling when I go in.

I had a lot of fun with the design process— working with CPSS and my builder to find a perfect solution from both a functionality and aesthetic aspect. One of my visions was that one of the edges facing out towards the mountains would be an infinity edge, so it would not obstruct the view, and if I want to have the pool completely full and overflow on that edge it would give a sound of rushing water and the pool surface would reflect the mountains and sky and blend together perfectly. It worked out even better than I imagined and I was so excited with the spa builder came back with the designs to bring that dream to life. The construction process was really just about being patient for me, as it takes some time to build a custom pool with all the features like a bench, jets, lights, etc. The installation process was also not extremely easy because the pool fits pretty snug underneath the deck on the upper level, so they had to bring a huge crane in order to lift it over the house and then have quite a few people guide it underneath the deck into place. From the beginning I was a bit worried about this part of the process because I had no idea how they would get the spa into place, but luckily it worked out
almost seamlessly!

To be honest, I love to be in water— the ocean, lake, a pool, a spa— whatever it is, I love the feeling to just be floating like that. It’s one of the things I look forward to most when I am able to go on a vacation and since we had the spa installed at my home it’s like I brought that “vacation” feeling home. It is my favorite way to recover after tough training sessions and also one of my favorite places to just chill out and spend time with my family. Without a doubt, I feel like having the spa at home has enriched my life.

My favorite feature is the infinity edge, because it allows us to look out over the view and there is a particular time in the evening when the light hits the water in such a perfect way with the reflection of the mountains and sky that it feels like you are a part of the mountains. It elevates that calm and rejuvenating feeling even more.

I usually go in the spa in the late afternoon or evening. Sometimes I will go in during the day especially when it’s really hot because it’s so refreshing but I really just love the peacefulness of using in during the evening when the sun is setting behind the mountains. I can’t really imagine a better way to end the day.

I have really enjoyed continuing to work with the CPSS team with the spa maintenance. The spa is such an incredible feature of my house but it definitely adds to the maintenance and with the amount that I travel it’s really important that I have people back home that are able to make sure that the spa is taken care of and maintained well. The CPSS team has allowed me to be away from home and trust that everything is going to be fine and ready to go when I come home, no matter what season.

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