Hot Tub FAQ’s

Colorado Pool + Spa Scapes takes pride in providing clients with superior customer service, and that starts with ensuring all of your questions are answered. Please read on below for answers about some of the most popular questions asked about hot tub service, repair, and maintenance. Please click on the + button to reveal the answer and the – button to hide.


How often should I service my hot tub?

Chemicals are effective for up to 14 days. We recommend weekly or bi-weekly maintenance.

Do you offer hot tub & pool maintenance and what is included?

Yes, we offer weekly and bi-weekly plans to help you keep your spa clean and comfortable. We will test the water and adjust as needed, vacuum, clean/replace filters, clean the cover. We will also check controls, knobs, cover/lifter and advise of updates as needed.

How often should I clean my hot tub filters?

Our hot tub manufacturers recommend cleaning your filters once a month. This will keep your water clean and hot tub functioning at peak performance. We provide filters for most makes and models of hot tubs and even swimming pools.

My hot tub cover is heavy, what should I do?

It sounds like it is time to replace your cover. A heavy cover means the foam has absorbed water. This becomes a breeding ground for mold and bacteria and can affect the water conditions. This will also affect the insulation value; making your cover less efficient and unable to retain the heat inside your hot tub. A heavy cover is also hard to lift and use your spa. Let us make your spa easier to use and provide a quote and new quality cover.

Can I use my hot tub all year?

Yes! Try turning the temperature down in the summer and enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy in the warmer months. For winter months, turn the heat up to a comfortable temperature and don’t forget your long robe to keep warm before getting in and after your soak.

I don’t want chemicals in my spa, what do you suggest?

We understand the need for a more natural hot tub experience. Your hot tub still requires a sanitizer like chlorine or bromine to keep your spa water safe. We recommend UV and ozone technologies for cleaner and fresher water while using up to 50% less chemicals. Ask us about options to reduce the usage of chemicals in your hot tub.


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