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Pool FAQ's

Colorado Pool + Spa Scapes takes pride in providing clients with superior customer service, and that starts with ensuring all of your questions are answered. Please read on below for answers about some of the most popular questions asked about pool design, construction and financing. Please click on the + button to reveal the answer and the – button to hide.

Since all of our swimming pools are custom, there really is no standard package. We use premium equipment and materials, for example, Pentair, Diamond Brite, Hydrazzo, Dal Tile, etc.

Depending on the space available and the desired size, there is no average size. A common size is 30’x15’.

Time to build your pool has many factors, such as the complexity of your design, time of year, and mother nature. The average pool build takes 6-12 weeks from completion of excavation

We recommend automatic retractable swimming pool covers. Other options include thermal blankets, solar bubble covers, and winter covers.

We recommend cleaning your pool regularly of any leaves and debris. Your water should be tested and balanced at least every other week. This is dependent on usage and your pool may require more frequent testing and balancing.

Filter cleaning will be dependent on how much dirt enters your pool. The pressure gauge will indicate when it is time to clean the filter. Indicate the pressure on the gauge when your filters are clean. When the pressure rises 10 pounds, this is a good indication that it is time to clean them. Check the gauge monthly.

Yes – have a service department that can help with your service needs.

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