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Now Employee Owned

We are pleased to announce that Colorado Pool + Spa Scapes is now a 100% employee-owned business. We’ve been owned for the past 20 years by partners who could have sold the company to another buyer, but wanted instead to find a way that the employees who helped build it could become the owners. That has always been a desired legacy at Colorado Poolscapes. It would have been impractical and not very tax-efficient for the employees to buy the company with their own money.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis, in recognition of October being National Employee Ownership Month, recently toured the Colorado Pool + Spa Scapes Avon location. He congratulated employees on the company’s recent transition to ESOP. Visit our blog page to read the official news release on the governor’s visit.

This new ownership structure benefits current as well as future employees, while helping to build the company as employee owners. Congress created the ESOP to provide a practical, tax-favored way to transfer ownership to the people who helped build the company—the employees! It’s a win-win. The partners got a fair price and the employees will become owners not out of their own money but out of the future profits the company makes that can be used to buy Colorado Poolscapes stock.

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