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Building Mikaela’s Custom Spa

Mikaela Shiffrin Hot Tub

It took a team of talented professionals to design, build and install the spa that’s been seamlessly integrated into Mikaela’s home. See the images of the work as it progressed.

Here’s what Mikaela had to say about her vision and the building experience…

“I had a lot of fun with the design process— working with Colorado Pool + Spa Scapes and my builder to find a perfect solution from both a functionality and aesthetic aspect. 

My vision was that one of the edges facing out toward the mountains would be an infinity edge, so it would not obstruct the view, and if I wanted to have the pool completely full and overflow on that edge, it would give a sound of rushing water and the pool surface would reflect the mountains and sky and blend together perfectly. It worked out even better than I imagined and I was so excited when the spa builder came back with the designs to bring that dream to life. The construction process was really just about being patient for me, as it takes some time to build a custom pool with all the features like a bench, jets, lights, etc. 

The installation process was also not extremely easy because the pool fits pretty snug underneath the deck on the upper level, so they had to bring a huge crane in order to lift it over the house and then have quite a few people guide it underneath the deck into place. From the beginning I was a bit worried about this part of the process because I had no idea how they would get the spa into place, but luckily it worked out almost seamlessly!”


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