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Six Tips for Reducing Chlorine

Did you know there are many ways to reduce chlorine usage in your spa or pool? By regularly monitoring, balancing and infusing the water with select additives, you can enjoy continued use while limiting the amount of chlorine. Here are ways to reduce chlorine usage.
  1. Keep your Spa or Pool Covered. Covers protect the chlorine from being oxidized by the sun’s UV rays. Consider bubble solar covers or even a custom thermal blanket.
  2. Stabilize the Chlorine. Cyanuric acid acts as a sunblock that inhibits the sun’s ability to destabilize chlorine.
  3. Balance the Water. Keeping your pool and spa water balanced will make your chlorine more effective. Alkalinity @ 100ppm and pH @ 7.4 is ideal.
  4. Use an Algaecide. Even if you don’t have an algae problem, algaecide is a germicide allowing your chlorine to remain efficient.
  5. Add Stain & Scale. This will reduce iron to the water. Since iron emits carbon, and algae loves carbon, you are eliminating food for algae to consume.
  6. Treat with a Water Clarifier. A clarifier filters out small particles that algae feed on.
And always know that Colorado Pool + Spa Scapes is available to service your spa or pool, as well as provide additives and supplies. Stop by our office or call us to learn more about transforming your backyard into a year-round relaxation oasis.

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